AMENd (2016-2017)

AMENd is a work for female percussionist and two bass drums.  

AMENd is inspired by the Repeal Movement in Ireland. 

AMENd was developed in close collaboration between composer Evangelia Rigaki and percussionist Jennifer Torrence.

With the performer standing alone between two large bass drums, AMENd depicts the struggle of duality, of being more than one, of having a body that is also an-other’s body, of losing one’s own body, of becoming only a body.  

Traversing the complexities of this in-between, AMENd moves fluidly between tenderness and violence, public ritual and private confessional. 

AMENd is incarnated with two versions for public performance: as a music piece with a duration of 18 minutes, or as an installation-performance with a duration of 9 hours.