NORWEGIAN ARTISTIC RESEARCH PROGRAM: from 2015 - 2018 I will be a researcher at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Norwegian Artistic Research Program. I will develop four evening-length solo productions with Peter Swendsen, Francois Sarhan, Trond Reinholdtsen, and Wojtek Blecharz, Johan Jutterström, collaborative works with Carolyn Chen, Neo Hülcker, Matt Rogers,  Bethany Younge, Paula Matthusen, Bonnie Whiting. For details check out solo projects.

PERCUSSIVE ARTS SOCIETY: New Music/Research committee member.

NordART: Artistic Research and Feminism Research Group in NordART, Norwegian Academy of Music


FULBRIGHT SCHOLAR: in 2009-2010 I was a Fulbright Scholar to the UK. There I worked with emerging British composers and collaborated with Amy Cohen on an interdisciplinary performance project, 'THE AGENGDA', resulting in 5 new works and performances in the London and Washington, DC.

SCANDINAVIA-JAPAN SASAKAWA FOUNDATION: In 2013 I received this grant to travel to Japan and work with Keiko Harada and Misato Mochizuki. I also traveled to Koya-San and Kyoto to experience the many wonders of Shinto and Buddhist Japan.

Please see texts for further topics of research.


RØST ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: ln 2013, I was in residence on the island in North Norway, Røst. This residency is about artistic creation in respect to nature, social activism, and the environment.  

KAGELSTAAT:  A research group for performance practice in the music of Mauricio Kagel and beyond. 2013.

LIJIANG STUDIO: In 2015 I was in at the Lijiang Studio, Lijiang, Yunnan province, China.  To view and listen to We the Trees, a multimedia album reflecting my time in Yunnan, please go here.

HAMBIDGE CENTER: In summer 2016, composer Carolyn Chen and I head to the hills of North Georgia to create a duet for two bodies in motion.


FESTIVAL OF NORTH NORWAY: In 2012 I was the Young Artist at the Festival of North Norway. With support from the festival, NorthArc Percussion and artists from the Flatout Collective collaborated to make the hybrid-art work, Water Walk, a site-specific work for Harstad's underground pool, Grottebadet. 


My work has been made possible through the support of organisations such as, Arts Council Norway, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Barentskult, Fund for Performing Artists, Troms Fylkeskommune, Nordland Fylkeskommune, Bodø Kommune, Ny Musikk Nordland, Music Norway.